Learning Our Languages - An Indigenous Language Learning Support Course

This course provides an overview of second language-acquisition (SLA) techniques for Indigenous heritage language learners. The objective of this course is meant to help Indigenous language learners acquire techniques to learn their Indigenous heritage language, however it does not provide direct language content. Students must have access to some type of curriculum or language information for their heritage language, perhaps in the form of language curriculum or instruction from an Indigenous person or nation or tribal group. The instructor can provide more support on what resources may be available publicly online and through various applications or provide guidance on where to find other publicly available language resources.

The course takes students through the process of integrating Indigenous language use into daily life through the development of personal and class-wide language learning action plans, to be applied for personal use in an Indigenous language. Instruction will provide guidance on techniques for accelerating language input and output, including writing, reading, listening, and speaking. Language cultural sensitivity and sovereignty concerns require some languages to remain fully protected from contact with non-community members, so the course offers opportunities to isolate speakers while acquiring SLA techniques without sharing their language.

Chelsea Hicks (Osage) is an IAIA Alumna of the MFA Creative Writing program. Recently, she worked for Daposka Ahnkodapi, the Osage Nation’s language-focused tribal school as a language curriculum specialist. In that role, she underwent Indigenous Language Institute training for immersion and language learner driven learning methods (LLDL). In addition to her elementary and university level teaching, she offers community courses in SLA practice and Indigenous language learning acceleration.

Tuition: $10.00
Class Length: 5 Weeks

Course Sections — Fall 2020

Chelsea Hicks
Tue, Thu
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM MT
Nov 3, 2020  to Dec 1, 2020